How to Shop Online in Mozambique?

E-Commerce and online transactions are booming in Mozambique due to an increase in mature online users, faster and more affordable internet and a slow but steady sophistication of a nascent developer community. LAM recently stated that online ticket sales are increasing rapidly and that they are making online checkout easier for many, by enabling payment access via debit cards.

Jonathan Novotny, Director of recently launched,, expects that with the current efforts of the private sector and government “The entire industry will gain traction and a whole new sales channel will emerge in Mozambique within the next 12 to 18 months.”

Here are some tips to help prepare you for shopping online in Mozambique:

  1. Know what payment method you want to use: Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your credit card or don’t have one, make sure the store offers Bank Transfer or an alternative payment method. This is usually listed on the bottom of the homepage. Otherwise, you will have to ask someone who has a credit card to make the purchase for you.


  1. Background Check: Check to make sure the store is backed by a legal company.

This should be pretty easy to find under the ‘About us’ section. If the store doesn’t list any phone numbers, address or other information be careful and use a brand you trust.

  1. Home Deliveries: Make sure the store offers deliveries in your area

If they don’t deliver to your area or do deliveries at all, you may have to pick up from their warehouse, store or office.

  1. Time till Your Order Arrives. Estimated time of receipt.

Some online stores keep stock in partner’s warehouses or even in other countries. Make sure to check on the product page to see what the estimated time for delivery for that product is., for example, guarantees deliveries within on local stock within 36 hours. However, if it is out-of-stock, or sourced from a South African partner, it can take up to 12 working days for the stock to be imported, released from customs and then delivered to you.

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Online stores often offer better prices, deals or a wider range of products than traditional, offline stores. This is because of the efficiency found through linking up with large suppliers in different locations.

Certain retailers like also sell products not previously available in Mozambique. These are sourced from accredited distributors in South Africa. That means you can enjoy the full range and peace-of-mind, without having to drive through crowded borders, stop-and-gos, cracked windscreens, crowded parking lots and then still deal with cumbersome import taxes.

Perhaps shopping has become fun again – Try it and see for yourself?

Happy Shopping!

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