Why email marketing is essential to your business?


The good old email marketing is seen by some as old fashioned, who consider him as Grandpa digital marketing. Devoid of the popularity of social media and getting much lower investment to sponsored links, email marketing is a wronged. The new generation ignores the glories of that already helped his parents to sell services since the late 90’s!

And you, professional digital marketing or entrepreneur who uses the web to leverage your business, answer: your goal is to be a celebrity on the internet or just want that it helps you to boost the results of your campaigns or your company?

If your answer was “results”, know that the good old e-mail is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing, to the point, bluntly or jokes and with a very small investment compared to other online media. If you have any questions will be answered in this article.

Market penetration

The e-mail is seen as instrínseco the very use of the internet. You’ve probably heard friends say who left or plan to leave any social network, but I doubt you’ve heard a friend say that he would abandon the use of email.

Also you can not underestimate the power range of the service. According to surveys of Exact Target, currently 95% of online consumers use email, representing more than 3 billion active accounts worldwide. Of these consumers with active accounts, 91% checking their inboxes at least once a day.


Speaking of social networking, let’s do a little comparison between them and the scope of email marketing. For this, we will take as reference the Facebook, by far the most used social network in the world.

Say you have 10,000 followers on Facebook. He was excited about the opportunity to speak directly to this large number of potential consumers, right? But in practice, things are very different. Of this total of 10,000 people, their most popular posts are unlikely to reach 500 followers.

In the case of email, considering that approximately 4% of the messages are directed to the spam box and another 18% blocked or lost for some other reason (the ReturnPath survey data), you still have almost 80% of delivered messages. From then until the closing of the deal, all depends on your business approach and marketing.


Some often say that social media are free. In fact, free is just creating an account. To obtain effective results, are needed considerable investment in staff, sponsored posts and, not least, time. The return on social media takes place at least in the medium term.

And what about the sponsored links in search engines? They represent direct costs from the first click, not to mention the need for professionals with experience to perform the optimization of investments.

Therefore, the email marketing remains one of the cheapest forms of digital marketing.

Time to be pragmatic

With all this, we do not mean that other forms of marketing mentioned in this article are not important. Through a consistent basis emails, you can check: email marketing sells! According to yet Exact Target for every $ 1 invested R $ 44.25 is the average return.

But when deciding on their investment, you should be more pragmatic and evaluate options based on the potential return of each of them.

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