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eCommerce in Africa:

“Africa is teeming with young people, and therein lies a huge opportunity for e-commerce” Read Article

“We are leading ever increasingly connected digital lives. These online dealings affect our offline personas. So what happens if your identity is hijacked by someone else?” Read Article

“Online beauty subscription service RubyBox is pulling out of the Media24, a division of Naspers, which is concentrating its resources on other high-growth ecommerce companies.” Read Article

“The next era of banking will involve heightened complexity, uncertainty and competition, as banks face threats from new players – including companies in areas like software, social media and telecoms.” Read Article

“For local entrepreneurs, e-commerce enables them to access a global market, where before, they may have been restricted to sales within South Africa’s borders.” Read Article

“Nigerian Operators in the Ecommerce ecosystem have attributed the apathy of local investors to the lucrative and booming e-commerce sector to high failure rates of tech start-ups as well as fear and doubts about the viability and investment value of the sector.” Read Article

“e-commerce is now one of the key and arguably the leading enabler for growth within the consumer sector in Africa adding that E-commerce is set to dominate African retail markets over the next five years.” Read Article

Jumia’s Kenyan unit recorded 900% sales growth in 2014. Read Article
eCommerce World Wide:

“Online shoppers around the world want the ability to search and shop on multiple channels and devices, expect to see alternate delivery and payment options, and when it comes to shipping and returns, “free” is a driving factor to complete the sale.” Read Article

Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (BTCS), recently launched a new website to demonstrate its planned suite of services, which includes a new multi-signature secure bitcoin storage solution as a next step in establishing its universal ecosystem. Read Article

“Not only are ecommerce sites launching at incredible rates, but brick and mortar stores are starting to feel the effects. Some sources even suggest physical stores will experience significant decline in the coming years.” Read Article

“US online retail giant Amazon has set up shop on the business-to-consumer platform of Alibaba as it seeks a greater presence in the massive Chinese market.” Read Article

“If e-stores are winning because of their efficient use of data, why not take their best practices and use them in the real world?” Read Article

“Flipkart is racing ahead of rivals Amazon and Snapdeal as the most visited e-commerce site in India.” Read Article

“Almost after a year of suspense, Amazon has successfully bid for IRCTC’s retailing arm. The ticketing portal has put ‘shop on Amazon’ tab on its homepage which redirects to a separate landing page on Amazon India. Besides Amazon, Flipkart was also lobbying hard for the government-owned platform.” Read Article

“Safety zones” for online shopping transactions – This is something online classifieds like Gumtree and OLX together with SAPS should be doing for the South African market. Read Article

Virtual Reality Shopping – is this the future of online shopping? Read Article
Mobile eCommerce:

“Mobile shopping in China jumped 239 percent in 2014, more than tripling the value of mobile purchases in 2013 — and mobile will overtake other forms of Chinese online shopping by the end of next year.” Read Article

“Online purchases made through mobile phones in India have grown by more than 100 per cent over the past two years, indicating a steep upward trend in e-commerce propelled by expediency.” Read Article

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