E-commerce offers opportunities for young SMMES, niche players

As the world of e-commerce grows in South Africa, PayGate CEO Peter Harvey sees growth coming from young start-ups and innovation from niche players in 2015. © Sergey Peterman – Fotolia.com “Five years ago we’d load 10 start-ups onto our Continue reading

The Transaction of the Future – How will we carry out transactions in just a few years time?

The Transaction of the Future

Ignore the EPCOT-sounding title and think, for a moment, about how transactions in the future are actually going to play out. Will cash really disappear? How about cards, are they a thing of the past? Is mobile genuinely the future Continue reading

Barclays bankers can say goodbye to PINs and passwords

Barclays Banking Innovation

Since May 2013, Barclays has offered its high net-worth customers the ability to use voice recognition for banking authentication. Now it seems that the solution will be rolled out to include all of its 12 million retail customers as well. Continue reading