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The digital era has brought about with it a new Zeitgeist, that of shopping online as a convenient, simple and stress free experience. No need to stand in long queues to pay or to wait so we can try on the items we simply must have.
Online fashion shopping website launchedConsumers are faced with numerous online shopping destinations ranging from electronic gadgets, books, entertainment, and every woman’s dream: clothing, shoes and accessories. Studies show that South Africans are not averse to e-commerce and the numbers of people shopping online increase annually.

It is with this growing trend and love of fashion that has made Madichaba Milosevic decide to take her passion online. Milosevic, her online fashion shopping, is aiming her products at the emerging and existing middle-class market, and saying to them that quality and style does not have to break the bank, but it shouldn’t be a compromise.

Milosevic recounted the day that she fell in love with fashion: “I remember the day my dad took me with him to Levisons, to buy suits and something for my mum, that’s when I started my relationship with fashion. He bought me an Adidas T-shirt, the classic original black with white stripes and matching short pants. One thing I learned from him was never to compromise my look and style.”

Historically, fashion has shaped societies, different styles created a particular social group in communities and sense of belonging, especially within the black communities in South Africa. Milosevic is a fashion entrepreneur in the digital world whose core fashion values and sense for style are firmly rooted in the community she grew up in. “Being limited in so many ways historically, it was always a way of life for us and a statement to express ourselves through fashion – from Florsheim, Bally to All Stars. No one could take fashion away from us.”

Known and unknown brands will feature local and international well-known and unknown brands, exquisite and classic styles. The site aims to bring to online shoppers exciting, uncomplicated fashion, impeccable and comfortable styles. The shop caters for all sizes and a choice from many styles that are timeless and affordable, from classics to edgy looks.

The online shopping platform has been designed using best practice and industry-standard e-commerce platforms that are available in the market, so the users’ shopping experience is seamless, convenient and secure.

The online shop, although in its infancy, has been receiving a lot of attention from friends and family and those in the know. Milosevic’s hope is to grow the business to something that is on par with, or even better than, top international and local fashion online shopping sites.

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