5 Tactics to Reduce mCommerce Abandonment

Jumio’s perspective on the abandonment challenge

If 66% of your shoppers abandoned their shopping at an in-store checkout, would you be worried? According to Jumio’s Consumer Insights study, that’s exactly what is happening in the M-commerce channel.

So how can your business prevent prospective customers from walking away?

In this whitepaper, Jumio examines how – despite a track record of constant growth through continual innovation – the online retail industry is underperforming and holding back potential growth.

Download to discover ways to tackle abandonment, including:

  • Reducing payment friction
  • Designing for mobile first
  • Holding your customer’s basket
  • Telling ‘casual’ and ‘valuable’ customers apart
  • Calming customer fears

DOWNLOAD HERE – No registration, no cost. : 5-Tactics-to-Reduce-mCommerce-Abandonment

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