[Infographic:] What is eCommerce?

What is eCommerce - That is the Question

Seriously, just the best overview of e-Commerce ever. A fantastic overview for beginners and experienced users as well. This explains “What is e-Commerce?”, “The Brief History of e-Commerce”, “e-Commerce Classifications”, “The Advantages of e-Commerce” and finally, “Where is e-Commerce Today”.

Mobile is Monstrous – So say the prophets.


Mobile is Monstrous, or so say the Online Sales predicting prophets. Jonathan Novotny, founder of SA innovation market-leader CloudSales, is so convinced of the “Move to Mobile” that all solutions implemented starting in 2013 will be native, mobile compatible. Paul Continue reading

Welcome to Ecommerce News Africa

BLURB: eCommerce News is a portal launched in 2012 to provide Sub-saharan Africa with relevant content news and events regarding eCommerce and Online Retail. The original and posted news and info articles are curated from relevant sources and offer insight Continue reading